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Cut yourself some slack!

Often times, we fail to realize we didn't come to this world with a manual, this life is all about risk taking and all of that. So, why then do you regret actions or decisions you made in the past and you can't stop beating yourself about it. When we make decisions and it doesn't come out as good as we expect, next thing - regrets. Regrets does no good but gives you reasons to second guess yourself, loathe yourself , lose belief in yourself and other nasty things you're going to unconsciously do to yourself.
Sometimes things don't add up, and your 2+2 won't stop giving you 3 but then with positivity your 2+2 will give you a 4, someday.
I hope you realize that you, just like everyone else, are just trying. Nobody has it together, let go off that regret and learn from the wrong decisions or action. Then, you shall dwell in happiness.
With love,
Your blogger girlšŸŒ¹Sending love and light your way today and always ❤

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