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So when you reach your breaking point?

[In this life, one thing we all have is breaking point, irrespective of the age, position, gender etc. We get to a point we just can't hold the hurt and pain anymore and we just really want to lash out at the person who's been hurting us. At this point, everything will make sense except forgiveness, the "two wrongs don't make a right" mantra will be the dumbest thing because at that point what we really want is to cut them as deeply as they cut us, bring them all the pain they brought into our lives, maybe even doubled. We want to bad mouth them, break them down, maybe even ball our fists and fight them— but take a moment and ask yourself, "what will that solve?" here's the answer- Nothing! Absolutely nothing, instead we give hate and negativity the chance to dominate our feelings.
At some point, somebody really really did hurt me, I felt cheated on, betrayed, worthless and all of that. Personally, I don't find forgiving such an easy thing to do…

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So when you reach your breaking point?

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